Stump Grinding

stump-grinding-removal-bloomingtonAssociates Four offers tree stump grinding and removal at an affordable price in Bloomington, Ellettsville, Monroe County, and the surrounding area. Our tree grinding machine is compact and easy on your lawn. We turn your unwanted tree stumps into useful mulch. We are also in the landscaping business and we go the extra mile to make sure to prevent any damage to your lawn.

We turn your unwanted tree stumps into useful mulch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

How much will this cost?

The overall cost is tailored to each customer’s needs.

You will have three options

  1. We will grind the stump and leave the grindings in place
  2. We will grind the stump and remove the grindings
  3. We will grind the stump, remove the grindings, and bring in new top soil, seed, and straw.

How big of a stump can Associates Four remove?
We can grind and remove a tree stump anywhere from the size of a very small tree (4 inches in diameter) to a very large tree (4 feet or larger). Chances are pretty good that we will be able to grind the tree no matter what size.

Will your machine fit through my fence?
Our stump grinder will be able to fit through a 36″ opening.

Do you take the chips away?
The grindings do have dirt mixed in with them which will help decompose quickly and can be used for compost the following year.

How far down do you grind the tree stump?
We can grind the stump completely away and add dirt. Most times we will grind 8-12″ below the ground surface.


We hope that we have answered all of your questions, however if you have any others that we have not addressed or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call 812-825-8255 or email us right away!